Personal information
Age In her teenage years
Home East residential area, Shinano
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 150cm
Relatives Avast (brother)
Others Love Letter (friend)
Professional information
Occupation Detective

Avigi (pronounced a vee gee) is a girl that loves puzzles and riddles. She enjoys mysteries and trying to solve them believing herself the top detective in town! However, she rarely achieves anything because she's immature, naive, and not a real detective at all.

She's cheeky and loves seeming mysterious. She acts cute and clingy with people she really likes, so good luck getting rid of her if you bring her into your life! This doesn't apply to her siblings, though, much to the frustration of her older brother Avast, who really dotes on her.

She often makes up mystery and detective stories of her own that have never happened or are, at best, an exaggeration of events she actually witnessed or took part in. Nobody believes her because of the cutesy manner in which she tells them, but her tales lead her to become friends with Love Letter, as the latter just enjoys stories in general.


Avigi has purple hair, straight and shoulder length, and sporting twintails. You can usually see her wearing a brown trenchcoat, a white blouse, a brown vest, a light brown skirt, white tights, and black shoes.

Avigi says: Is that it? A bit too short, don't you think? It doesn't even mention when I solved the mystery of the pebbles or the time I helped get the cereal. Oh, and I am a true detective!


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