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Personal information
Full name Tokiwa Kuon
Alias Memory
Age In her first years of college
Home The Square, Shinano
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 161cm
Relatives Shirogami (distant cousin)
Mary (ancestor)
Professional information
Occupation Student
Magic Innate
Style Temporal

Kuon is a young girl who recently graduated from the Shinano academy. Kuon means eternity, so her full name can be read as time is eternity or time is eternal.

Kuon is a cheerful and geeky girl. She can attract people easily, but few are able to put up with her antics. Yet those who do stick with her for life.

She loves history, so when she's done with school for the day she runs off to the cultural center near her home to read and learn about it. This is why she did so well in her history lessons, but her grades in the other subjects left much to be desired. She's now planning to become a historian.

Her father is a librarian and her mother is an assistant at the museum, both in the same building in the cultural center that Kuon often visits.

She loves clocks. She carries a very pretty pocket watch in a pocket of her skirt. She regularly visits a shop that sells and repairs watches owned by the family of one of her friends. She likes looking at them, but she doesn't have the money to buy any.

Kuon tries to arrive in time whenever she can, but it feels like she lives in a rush because she's always looking at her watch. When she's having a good time with friends, time doesn't feel that important.

She's very sensitive to cold weather, so she wears winter clothes almost year-round! Her pink hat is her favorite, and she doesn't care if it makes her look dorky as long as it keeps her warm.

Her alter-ego is Memory, the magical warrior of time and remembrance. Although the enemy that she became a magical girl to fight is long gone, she kept her powers and uses them to spice up what's become an otherwise mundane life. However, she still has to deal with real threats that show up from time to time.

She can transform by activating her watch and, unlike other magic users such as Shirogami, she can use magic only while transformed.


Her clothes are inspired by the fashion of the 70s. She wears a pink sleeveless sweater with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, a pink skirt, and a brown belt. She wears white boots and dark pink tights. She sports a massive pink beanie that she's never seen without, so nobody knows what the top of her head looks like!

Her school uniform consisted of a white long-sleeved cotton shirt that is warmer than it looks, a big ribbon tie, and a dark pink/red plaid skirt that's a bit shorter than the one she wears casually.


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