About me

Hello, thanks for passing by! I'm cidoku. I'm a passionate guy captivated by everything that's unusual and forgotten, and hopelessly in love with the past, always looking to bring back what was good about it.

I'm interested in character design, mathematics, music, and reading, among other things.

I've made electronic music since 2010 and although it's very difficult it's a pastime that's given me much joy. My favorite anime series are Haibane Renmei, Galaxy Angel, and Precure; they've all changed my life and made me very happy. I was told that had I been born earlier I would've been a treasure hunter. I grew up online in the wild yet wonderful Web of the 2000s.


You can contact me using the info above, but don't forget to first sign the guestbook! I would appreciate it if you encrypted your messages with PGP or OMEMO. Please feel free to send me whatever you want, be it greetings, questions, or pictures of your anime wife.

About this site

When I started cidoku.net in 2013 the page was nothing but a bunch of links to my profiles on other sites, but eventually I started sharing stuff and the site grew into what you see now. You may expect me to post things related to my interests above, as that's what I want to talk about and is the most important to me.

Every line of HTML is written by hand. I try to make site as accessible as possible, viewable in any browser that supports basic HTML 4.01 and CSS 2 (more about that). Of course, the site is best viewed on desktop and I don't go out of my way to test it on mobile phones, though it should display OK. The site is available over HTTP, and the content should be light enough to load in a reasonable time even at slow connections.

All dates are in ISO 8601 format, that is, YYYY-MM-DD. The color palette I use is #000000 #6f0030 #ff2050 #eeeeee. The white-haired girl that appears all over the site is Shirogami, the mascot of cidoku.net.

Third party software used are tinyib (MIT) and Ruffle (MIT).


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Do you like what I do? Then all I ask of you is to send me a nice comment, or, if you have a site, link to me using my button! Don't hotlink, upload it to your server. You can then tell me about it so I can link back to you, if you want.

Et cetera...

I host the site myself now, but I'd like to give a big thank you to my friend Ellie Mortem for kindly hosting cidoku.net during 2021 and for still managing my e-mail accounts. My eternal gratitude to Steen for kindly letting me use cid.hootr.club for so many years; that URL now redirects to this site.

I'm not tracking you: I don't use cookies or analytics scripts, and server logs are off. However, I can't say the same about the external sites that I link to. Please use an ad blocker and/or a script blocker; I recommend uBlock Origin and uMatrix.

Unless otherwise noted, I dedicate all written content published on this site (including all source code) to the public domain.

cidoku.net - Est. 2013.