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¡Bienvenido al libro de visitas de cidoku.net! Siéntete libre de dejar un comentario sobre cualquier cosa que tengas en mente. Puedes publicar mensajes anónimamente e incluso subir imágenes; solo voy a borrar basura. ~~cidoku ## Admin No.1 Fijado Cerrado
Hai Cidoku! Remember me, from Youtube? i got to fix the errors in the Earthbound Engine, though, i just wanted to know: i found these things in the code of the player called DX and DY, i never used anything like that, so i wanted to know how does it work and what is it lol ~~Alex_is_aNoob 2023-12-02(Sat)13:18:57 No.258
I'm too busy doing other stuff to give you more support with that old, barely usable Engine. All I can say to help you right now is to please just read the code and learn about logical operators. ~~cidoku ## Admin 2023-12-02(Sat)14:11:37 No.260
stumbled upon here this evening. I love browsing through cozy corners of the internet away from monetization and corporate control. Keep doing what you do. Much love ~~Anonymous 2023-11-29(Wed)15:27:47 No.256
And, you know, this site is in a very remote corner of the net. Right in the middle of the eastern Siberia of the clear web: some pockets of civilization here and there, but mostly unconquered nature. Who knows what kind of secrets lie in our beautiful taigas? ~~cidoku ## Admin 2023-12-02(Sat)14:02:00 No.259
o.o ~~o.o 2023-12-02(Sat)01:29:04 No.257
I noticed a few issues on your website that would be super easy to fix. When do you have time to get on a quick call so that I can show you what you need to fix? I'd also be happy to fix them for you free of charge! ~~Todd Robertson 2023-11-25(Sat)18:13:31 No.254
sent ;) ~~cidoku ## Admin 2023-11-25(Sat)18:48:48 No.255
Zap long and prosper! ~~Sneedhero 2023-11-24(Fri)09:00:55 No.253
Cool site. I'm no nostalgiafag though, I just legitimately feel that the aesthetic here is better than what we see nowadays. The internet feels like the internet here and that's a good thing, if you know what I mean. It doesn't feel like the all-consuming, attention-draining substitute for the real world that it feels like now. ~~Anon 2023-11-23(Thu)17:10:26 No.251
I'm glad my site makes you think that. I'm no nostalgiafag either, but I believe that it's only by heeding the lessons of the past that we can make the present better, as basic as that might sound. Don't live in the past, but don't forget it. ~~cidoku ## Admin 2023-11-23(Thu)22:33:48 No.252
(Gary Glitter Rock and Roll Pt 1 & 2)

Rock and roll, rock, rock and roll
Rock and roll, rock, rock and roll
Can you see where you call in the juke box hall
When the music played
And the world sang rounds to a pretty sound
No sorrow base
And them blue swede shoes, they will scream and shout
Mensaje truncado. Entra al hilo para ver el resto. ~~Anonymous 2023-11-16(Thu)13:52:12 No.250
Paso por acá después de mucho tiempo. Un gusto ver que el sitio se ha llenado de mas contenido y visitas. Saludos y un cálido a abrazo. Atentamente: El soren7 ~~Soren 2023-11-15(Wed)05:14:41 No.249
What do you think about people's obsession with 'lore'? ~~Anonymous 2023-11-13(Mon)16:12:51 No.247
I'm not sure what you mean. I've never noticed such an obsession, so you'll have to provide me with some examples. If we're talking about fictional works, then I know some people who take canon very seriously, but that's it. In my opinion, much is better left unsaid, as everything benefits from mystery and awe. ~~cidoku ## Admin 2023-11-13(Mon)21:09:40 No.248