A design for Rini Shirogami Shirogami fumo Shirogami loses her umbrella Sleeping Shirogami and her umbrella A crow bothers Shirogami Kurogami and her cassette player Emiko eating Emiko smiling Shirogami is nervous Emiko and Edgardo Avigi A design for Avigi Akarin is tired (Yuru Yuri) The cast of cidoku.net Chernobyl Cirno shrugging Chitanda is not curious anymore (Hyouka) Akari (Aria) Cure Dream (Yes! Precure 5) Guy with Cirno's hair Emiko's birthday Garie can't stand your bullshit (Symphogear) Gendo gives you a round of applause (Evangelion) Concept art of Ian and Jane Ika Musume says not this shit again Ika Musume John Freeman puking Kaori (Josue) Kuon in her casual clothes A sketch of casual Kuon A sketch of Kuon in her uniform and casual attire Kurogami (WIP) Love meditating (Fresh Precure) Love Letter Love Letter, full body Concept art of Luna Madotsuki Madotsuki is wary of you Mahoro stretches (Mahoromatic) Maki looks up (Love Lab) Mary without her hat Memory, Kuon's alter-ego Miyuki (Smile Precure) Nozomi fumo (Yes! Precure 5) Shirogami drawing for the cover of Riders Rini's first sketch My first drawing of Shirogami Shirogami flies on her umbrella Concept art of Sybil Togame (Katanagatari) Toki singing (Kemono Friends) Shirogami's winter attire I made for tyllop.swf Shirogami in walfas' style The title graphic of Shirogami's Maze Emiko in Christmas clothing All sprites I ever made of Shirogami All sprites I ever made of Kurogami Assorted sprites made for cancelled projects Emiko and Erika portraits