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Steenuil Steen likes weird programming languages, VR games, and reading manga. Has a blog.
Space Bruce Bruce is a a computer lad and hobbyist programmer who likes working on games. Has a blog.
Foldr Foldr is a big league professional nerd. Has a blog.
Andy Andy does game engine and low level system development. Ported Cave Story to the Mega Drive.
Taiko Taiko likes games, music, and programming. Author of Tauon Music Box.

Files and links

Library Genesis THE digital library.
Project Gutenberg Digital library of public domain works.
The Eye An open directory hosting all kinds of files.
Murdercube (archived) Another file directory.
The All-Embracing Library (magnet) A massive 501 GB book collection organized by topics such as mathematics, physics, psychology, self improvement, survivalism, fiction, comics, magazines, conspiracy (beware!), etc. Also contains the author's meme collection, for some reason.

Search engines and link repositories
Peelopaalu Link Directory A directory listing an immense amount of interesting sites.
/g/'s good sites Another extensive link directory.
Cyberlife Link aggregation for cyberpunk-related content.
Wiby A search engine for the classic web.
1MB Club A directory of sites under a megabyte.
The 512KB Club A directory of sites under 512 kilobytes.
The 250KB Club A directory of sites under 256 kilobytes.
The NoJS Club! A list of sites that don't use Javascript. The best of the best.
No CSS Club The most radical of them all. Sites under 256 KB, without JS or style sheets at all!

Sci-Hub Free access to millions of research papers and books.


Theoi An encyclopedia of Greek mythology.
Encyclopedia Mythica An internet encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and religion.
Occultopedia An internet index of the paranormal, occult, and inexplicable.
Encyclopedia of Death and Dying Articles about death.
The Racial Slur Database A dictionary of racial epithets and the like. Forbidden words.
Res Obscura A blog cataloguing obscure stuff. No longer being updated, it seems.

David Rumsey Map Collection A collection of more than 150000 rare maps.
Old Maps Online More historical maps.

Mathematics and logic

Sites about math
Logic Matters Home of the Teach Yourself Logic guide by Peter Smith.
Jeff Miller pages Features collections of math trivia, such as the earliest use of some terms or symbols.
Cantor's Attic Infinities big and small. Not a lot of content, but interesting nonetheless.
Mathematics Stack Exchange
History of Science and Mathematics Stack Exchange

Encyclopedias and databases
ProofWiki An online compendium of mathematical proofs.
Groupprops A wiki about group theory, groups, and their properties.
Database of Ring Theory A repository of rings, their properties, and other ring theory stuff.
On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Also known as OEIS, a database of integer sequences and their properties.
Metamath A database of mathematical proofs, but expressed in pure logic and constructed from scratch from various different systems of axioms. Absolutely insane.
Googology Wiki A wiki dedicated to large numbers.

MathURLs Math news aggregator.
Detexify LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition.
latex2png Convert LaTeX markup into PNGs. Like pastebin except with LaTeX support.
Mathgen Randomly generated mathematics research papers. Very funny.
Pi Reciter A site that will recite the digits of π using community-submitted samples.
The proof is trivial! Generate trivial proofs for trivial statements.


Languages MEGA All the language resources you could ever need.
Lexicity An extensive index of ancient language resources.
DeepL Translate Miles better than anything else of its sort online.
Forvo Look up words in any language and listen to them pronounced by (hopefully) native speakers.

So You Want To learn Japanese... An essential essay for those looking into learning Japanese.
Itazuraneko A site featuring probably every single resource on Japanese you'll ever need.
Learn Japanese The classic guide to learning Japanese by Tae Kim.
Sakubi A Japanese grammar guide.
NHK News Web Easy News in easy Japanese.
Jisho A Japanese dictionary.
Rikaichamp A Firefox extension that allows you to quickly translate Japanese by hovering over words. A better fork of Rikaikun, if you're familiar with that.
Animelon Watch anime online with Japanese subtitles.
Kitsunekko Japanese subtitles for a variety of shows (that you have downloaded illegally, of course).

Latin by the Dowling Method One of the many methods to learn Latin.
Ephemeris Everyday news in Latin.
Latin Language Stack Exchange Also accepts questions about Ancient Greek.
Scorpio Martianus Spoken Latin and Ancient Greek videos by the very talented Luke Ranieri.
polýMATHY Another channel by the same guy. Features some very good Latin content that's not in Scorpio Martianus, among other varied stuff.
Numen - Latin Lexicon An online Latin dictionary and study tool.
Lexicon Morganium Dictionary of new Latin terms.
Hiberna Caroli Raetici Some reading material in Latin, ordered by fluency level.
The Latin Library A digital library of Latin texts, ancient and modern.
Corpus Scriptorum Romanorum Another library of Latin texts.
Bibliotheca Augustana And another one.
PHI Latin Texts And yet another one.
Hypotactic A library of Latin and Greek verse with meter indicators.
Latin Inflector Analyze inflected words within Latin sentences.
Perseus Word Study A tool for morphological analysis of inflected Latin words.
Ab Urbe Condita A site that tells you how many years have passed since the founding of Rome.

Toki Pona
rnd's toki pona course A thorough toki pona course recommended by many, although I haven't used it. Stay clear of the politics page, who gives a shit. An old site with lots of Toki Pona resources. Here's a TP course that used to be hosted on the site, but that was taken down.
Toki Pona Dictionary An interactive Toki Pona dictionary with sitelen pona hieroglyphs.


Browsing and listening
Soundcloud One of the biggest catalogues of free-to-listen music on the Internet. Sucks for uploaders though.
Bandcamp Listen to music and buy it directly from the artists. Probably one of the best sites on the web.
Internet Radio Browser Internet radio streams for all tastes.
SomaFM Commercial-free, listener-supported radio.
DKFM Shoegaze Radio The largest purveyor of shoegaze and dream pop in the known universe.
You are listening to Los Angeles Ambient music and police radio broadcasts.

Sheet music
IMSLP - Petrucci Music Library Virtual library of public domain music scores.
Musescore Free sheet music for piano, guitar, flute and more. Community-supported. An alternative to the previous site.
Ichigo's sheet music Scores for anime and game music.
Josh's anime sheet music collection More anime and game sheet music.
Sperion no Sora Even more anime and game sheet music.

Music theory A site for learners of music theory.
Teoría Another site for learning music theory. Has articles in Spanish.

Osamu Sato Archives Everything that has to do with the man who made LSD: Dream Emulator, not just his music.
Super Eurobeat / Initial D Music Collection
The Mod Archive One of the world's biggest collections of music modules.
Viper the Rapper album collection Only for the enlightened.

Beats per minute calculator and counter A tool that allows you to calculate tempo and count beats per minute by tapping any key to the rhythm or beat.
Acid Machine 2 An online 303 and drum kit emulator.
Synth1 (25000 presets) (Freeware, Windows only) A great VST instrument.

Anime and Manga

Sites about particular series
Sekai no Hajimari A Haibane Renmei fan page.
Yatpay's Haibane Shrine Another Haibane Renmei fan page.
Future Gadget Lab The official site of Steins;Gate's Future Gadget Lab. Also available in (very broken) English..
Divergence Meter Project Anon's design for a working divergence meter, as seen in Steins;Gate, with building instructions.
Alpha Café A fan site dedicated to Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.
Nyanpass にゃんぱすー

Settei Dreams A collection of model works and other production materials for various series.
Precure MEGA and Precure endcards Precure artbooks, manga, music, novels, etc.

Illustrations and videos
Safebooru Cute anime pictures. Has a very broad definition of "safe for work."
Konachan Anime wallpapers (safe for work). Watch thousands of anime openings and endings.

Tools Seasonal charts and anime news aggregator.
Random Anime Generator If you have no idea what to watch next, this site will give you a list of randomly selected titles for you to pick from.
The Fansub Database A site that lists who's subbing what shows in the current season. It doesn't have much use nowadays, since basically everything gets simulcasted with the exception of super obscure stuff for which the database may still be useful.


Sites and articles
Terms of Service; Didn't Read A community project which aims to clearly explain many websites's terms of service and rate them in a scale from A (very good) to E (terrible).
Museum of Obsolete Media A collection of media formats, both old and new. A live schedule of currently airing shortwave radio stations.
Spyware Watchdog A site that aims to disclose the spyware contained in everyday programs and classify them by severity.
Digipress Commons A site dedicated to digital preservation.
Windows 98 Icons are Great A short article in which the author expresses his love for classic Windows icons.
simple web is cute The web should strive to be simple.
The reckless, infinite scope of web browsers It's impossible to build a new web browser because the web is absurdly complex.
Vanilla JS A fast, lightweight, cross-platform framework for building incredible, powerful JavaScript applications.
wtfjs A blog about the inconsistencies of Javascript.
The Cursed Computer Iceberg A bunch of links to weird stuff related to computers. A repository of community driven documentation you can access from the command line.
EICAR Test QR A QR code encoding the EICAR test file will crash some surveillance systems.

Software (libre)
Ardour A professional digital workstation for working with audio and MIDI.
Linux Multimedia Studio A FLStudio-like DAW.
Musescore Composition and notation software.
Tauon Music Box A modern music player for the Linux desktop that's packed with features.
Godot 2D and 3D game engine.
Ren'Py Visual novel engine written in Python.
Delta Chat A chat program that uses e-mail for communication. It doesn't require a phone number and supports E2E encryption.
suckless Software that sucks less.
SerenityOS A graphical operating system that aims to be a love letter to '90s user interfaces with a custom Unix-like core.
Collapse OS An operating system meant to be run in improvised machines after civilisational collapse. A color scheme designer for your terminal.
Kiwix Download full offline copies of Wikipedia, Stack Exchange, and others.
Zim A graphical text editor used to maintain a collection of personal wiki pages.
Wordgrinder Word processor for the terminal.
Nitter An alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy.
Teddit Same thing, but for Reddit.
Invidious Same thing, but for YouTube.
ppixiv A userscript for better Pixiv image viewing.
Undiscord A user script that will allow you to delete all messages in a Discord channel or DM.
Waifu2X (Alternative) Image upscaler using neural networks.
Webamp A reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 in HTML5 and JavaScript.
3D Pipes Screensaver The classic Win9x screensaver.
Windows Classic Theme Designer Allows you to create themes for legacy versions of Windows without actually running them.

Software (proprietary)
GTMetrix Measure your website's performance. Get outta here with those bloated sites!
Escargot (Windows only) A custom chat server that allows legacy programs like MSN Messenger to be usable again.
Ripcord (Shareware) An alternative Discord client. It's only better than the official client because it runs natively.
Catbox Quick and easy file upload for sharing online.
Regex101 Online regex tester and debugger.
DocDownloader Download documents from Scribd, Issuu, Slideshare, etc. Kinda shady.
TweetDelete Probably the only no-bullshit tweet-wiping service. Use it for online hygiene.
JS Paint Web-based remake of MS Paint.

Abandonware and other obscurities
Vetusware The biggest free abandonware downloads collection in the universe.
WinWorld Vintage, abandoned, and pre-release operating systems and software.
The Old Net A tool that uses the Wayback Machine API and a proxy to browse the web on old computers.
Game Maker Network A site dedicated to preserving old versions of Game Maker and its addons. For nostalgia purposes. A 42374-byte zipped file that will uncompress to 16^5 4.3GB files.
Small A repository collecting the smallest possible syntactically valid files in various formats.
Anime Girls Holding Programming Books A repository collecting images of anime girls holding programming books. There's also an interactive version available but it doesn't have as many images.

vx-undergound The largest collection of malware source code, samples, and papers on the internet.
Virii A collection of ancient computer virus source code.
cyberthreats More malware source code. From the VX Heaven codes collection.
theZoo A repository of live malware with a Python interface for browsing and retrieval.
Free Malware Sample Sources A bunch of sites from which you can download actual live malware.


Actual games
Jstris Online multiplayer tetromino game.
TETR.IO Like Jstris, but pretty.
1000mines Infinite Minesweeper game.
Autotable An online Riichi Mahjong simulator in which nothing is automated.
Hot Death Uno Funny, dumb and sadistic Uno variant.

Sites about games
The Cutting Room Floor A wiki dedicated to unearthing and researching unused and cut content from video games.
Emulation General Wiki A wiki dedicated to all things related to video game emulation.
/v/'s Recommended Games Wiki A wiki dedicated to showcasing the best games on every system and featuring miscellaneous lists and guides.
Puyo Nexus Wiki A wiki dedicated to the puzzle game Puyo Puyo.
Uboachan A Yume Nikki imageboard.
Madotsuki's Closet Another Yume Nikki fansite.
Sonic Retro The Sonic the Hedgehog resource second only to Sega.
Lemma Soft Forums A forum dedicated to the discussion and creation of visual novels, with a focus on the Ren'Py software. Very active.
Touhou Wiki A wiki dedicated to the Touhou Project.
Japanese Mahjong Wiki A wiki dedicated to Japanese Mahjong.

Yume Nikki Fan Game Archive A repository dedicated to the backup of most if not all Yume Nikki fan games.
ScaleyFoxy's Sonic Fan Game Archive A site dedicated to the archival of late 90s to early 2000s Sonic fan games. Pretty odd design.

PSO2 Skill Simulator A tool for planning the development of your PSO2 character.

Easy Modo Ehhh, really? A handy Touhou site.


General Free resources for game creation.
Soundimage Royalty free music, sound effects, and textures by Eric Matyas.

HDRI Haven 100% free HDRIs (CC0) for everyone.
Coolors Color scheme generator.
Colormind Another one.
Color Hunt A database of color palettes.
Lospec A site dedicated to pixel art resources and tutorials. Great because of the palettes section!
Doodad Pattern Generator A royalty-free tiling pattern generator.

Freesound A huge collaborative database of sounds all released under Creative Commons licenses.
FreePats Project Free and open instrument sets and samples.
ccMixter A community music remixing site featuring remixes and samples licensed under Creative Commons licenses.
Musical Artifacts An open source web app helping musicians to find, share and preserve the artifacts they use for producing their music.
Soundfonts 4U High quality soundfonts in sf2 format. They may technically not be free for commercial use though.

1001 Fonts A font library with an extensive collection of fonts that are free for commercial use.


Fantasy name generator A general purpose name generator.
Penguin Classics Cover Generator A site that will generate book covers for you mirroring those of popular publishers.
Make WordArt WordArt isn't available in recent versions of Office, so if you want some you'll have to either use this or reinstall Office 97.
Talk to Transformer Let a robot complete the texts you give it. Creepy.
Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator A classic: Make your own Windows error messages. The site features many other generators.
Death Generator Put custom text in the message boxes of vintage games and software. Text-to-speech tool that generates voices of various well-known characters.
Vocodes Similar to the last site but the character roster is different.
Button Maker Create custom web buttons/badges.
ERAU Generators A couple of generators for hazard signs and laboratory door safety signs.

𝖀𝖓𝖎𝖈𝖔𝖉𝖊 𝕥𝕠𝕪𝕤 Some tools to convert plain text to obscure characters from Unicode and others.
Modular Modifier A tool that lets you apply various glitchy effects to pictures.
Pixel art converter A tool that posterises and pixelates images for a legitimate retro look.
Text to ASCII Art Generator Type some text and have it converted to beautiful ASCII banners.

Kaomoji A big collection of Japanese emoticons.
Gifcities A search engine for Geocities GIFs.
A.N. Lucas's 88x31 button Collection A collection of Web 1.0 buttons.
Web 1.0 Buttons Another one.
Internet Bumper Stickers A curious collection of virtual bumper stickers.
Please be patient - This Page is Under Construction! A gallery of "under construction" images collected from Geocities.

Other random sites
Geek Prank A bunch of toys to play around with. My favourite is the hacker one.
The End of the Internet The last online destination.
Make Frontend Shit Again "We used to make websites because it was fun but at some point, we lost the way."
Is the Internet down? If this doesn't work, then the information superhighway isn't available. Try again later! So moe!
Banana for scale Convert conventional length and mass units to bananas for universal understanding.
Made you look Yup.
Learn to count A site that counts to ten, forever and ever.
yakuirave Strobe.
Anime Theme A curious old-school anime site with lots of animations that has been around for more than 20 years and is still updated every once in a while.

Personal sites
Luke Smith's Webpage The unaboomer meme man. Although he focuses on minimalist software and Vim, his content is way more interesting when it's not related much to technology at all.
lolwut? A blog mostly dedicated to early 2000s nostalgia and internet culture.

This is the end, my only friend. The end.