This is an assorted collection of tracks, demos, remixes, and loops made by me. I usually make music by playing around in whatever music making tool I might be using at the time, and as such the quality wildly varies from song to song. Many of these tracks were made for some of the compilations in my music page but that didn't make the final cut or for other projects that were put on-hold or abandoned, and I figured that instead of letting them rot in my drives, I would showcase them here. However, I also plan to upload everything that just doesn't fit anywhere else, such as the remixes at the bottom of the page or new tracks that I'm working on and might release somewhere later on.

As for styles, you can expect everything from deadmau5-style prog house to electro to ambient to downtempo to noise. By the way, if you’ve used FL Studio before it should be obvious which tracks most blatantly use factory presets (because they all do in one way or another); an example is Seid Animak: the riff is just Growl from the Sytrus plugin. The oldest track here is Such Nonsense, which was made around 2010 and was one of the first tracks I ever made.

The files aren't in any specific order.

All my music is released under a General Attribution License.

Original tracks

Nozomi (Reprise)
Victory Acid
Roll And Break
When Did We Part
It Feels Without End
It Feels Without End (Short Ver.)
Big Fat Man
Cidokia Approaches
Cult (Break)
Protector (...for Googolplexian) Theme of Shirogami's Maze
Poultry Disco (Small and Dumb)
Treat Her Right
An Offer of Flesh and Bone for the God of the Pavement
An Offer of Milk and Honey for the God of the Earth
Where Will You Take Us
Where Will You Take Us (Again)
Who's Gonna Beat Ya
Ready Together (Snippet)
Welcome To Cidokia
Her Insecurity (Alt)
In The Hall Of Meeman
We'll Forget
Noisy Filler
The Last Minute
The Last Minute (Alt)
Cuddle And Fall Asleep
Anarchy Of The Last Days
Poultry Disco (Theme of Emiko Niwatori)
Love You Okay
March Of The Dwarves
Spacey Loop
4 AM Stroll
No Need To Worry
Battle Against A Fast Opponent
El Can
Say Goodbye Hello (Unmixed)
I'm Not A Musician
C Star
SQUID GURL (Sweet Mix)
Go Viral
A Song About A Troubled Mind
DJ Conman's Adventure
Functions And Features
Triangles, Part 3
No Experience
So Easily Disruptable
God Wills It
Nirgilis Beat
Sincere Double Polygonal
All Of The World's Evil (Ver 1)
Star Children
Renegade Attitudiniser
Smile Again (Ver 2)
Too Tired To Think
Ready Together (Ver 1)
Ready Together (Ver 2)
Seid Animak (Ver 2012)
My Love For You Is Like A Potato
Inner Cidokia (Ver 1)
Inner Cidokia (Ver 2)
Afx Stole My Car
Lonely Rainy Day
Such Nonsense
I Scream
Modern Animal
The Magic Gambler (Ver 1)
The Truth Is (Ver 0)
The Truth Is (Ver 1)
The Truth Is (Ver 2)
Kindness Machine
Alert 2
Rough Awakening
Nobody Expects
No Regrets
Nuit Eternal
When I'm No Longer Here
Locked Up (Ver 1)
Locked Up (Ver 2)
The Last Hour
Confrontation House (Ver 1)
Seid Animak
Slodkich Slow
Sunday Nights
Lucid Dreamz
Have You Ever Been There
You Are Not Going Anywhere
No More Dust (Theme Of Perseverance) Metro Stardust
Interim (...for My Mind) Metro Stardust
Maintenance Man And Coffee Man Metro Stardust
Cheesy Foe Metro Stardust
Cheesy Foe (Alt) Metro Stardust
Weakling Metro Stardust
Broom Holder Metro Stardust
Void Soot Metro Stardust
The Venusian Road Metro Stardust
Arthropod Shelter Metro Stardust
Palace Gardens Metro Stardust
Dear Princess (Theme Of Luna) Metro Stardust
Dear Princess (Theme Of Luna) (Alt) Metro Stardust
Captive Metro Stardust
Venus At Night Metro Stardust
Water Demon Metro Stardust


TitleOriginal artist(s)
Beloved Tomboyish Girl (Cidoku's Forever 2020 Remix) Team Shanghai Alice
Prelude in AE86 Major Johann Sebastian Bach
We Are Number One but Daft Punk bit Robbie Rotten so it's a French House Remix Máni Svavarsson and Stefán Karl Stefánsson
Metronomik (Cidoku's DJ Carpioek's Dream Remix) DJ Carpioek
Boku No Friend (Cidoku's Boss is a Real Hero Japariwave Remix) Miyuhan
Nightcall (Cidoku's Tofu Delivery Drive Eurobeat Remix) Kavinsky
Running in the 90's (Sega Genesis Drift Processing Cover) Max Coveri
Pumped Up Kicks (Cidoku's Super Eurobeat in the Classroom Remix) Foster the People
Santiago Nights Lights (Cidoku Remix) M. de Bernârd
Fucked Up Thoughts (Cidoku Remix) M. de Bernârd
Bluesy Tuesday (Cidoku Remix) Vitalic
Groove And Shit (Cidoku's Smooth House Remix) Splitting Cell
Slip (Cidoku Remix) deadmau5

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