Released 2020-05-26.

Title Length
The Rolling☆Synth 05:28
Destroy All Lovers 01:28
Feels Like Forever Since The Last Time I Was With You 01:53
Having Fun Making Cidoku Songs 02:32
The Peace We Deserve... 03:00

In the first half of 2020 I had a lot of time at home because of the lockdowns, so I made this. Roll refers to The Rolling☆Synth, a house track I'd made many years prior but that I never had the chance to publish. Break then refers to the three breakcore-inspired songs that follow.

Destroy All Lovers was made for Valentine's Day 2020, and indeed it's an angry track with hard breaks, gabber kicks, and acid basslines. The next two tracks are more manic, with a happier tone, but using the same elements. Feels Like Forever Since The Last Time I Was With You is dedicated to a friend whom I hadn't seen in a while and dearly missed, and Having Fun Making Cidoku Songs simply depicts how much fun I was having making these tracks.

The album ends with The Peace We Deserve..., a melancholic ambient piece I wrote in late 2019 when my country was burning because of the riots.

I see this one as sort of a sequel to Alright, since they both feature very energetic music that extinguishes very quickly to leave way to the final more ambient-esque tracks.

The cover art is a screenshot from the second episode of Monogatari Series Second Season.

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