Viewable in any browser

I want my site to be accessible everywhere. And, really, how could I have an old-school page and forget to properly support on browsers from the 90s? :^) I spent quite some time making sure works well on Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape Navigator 4.04 because of this, at a resolution of at least 800x600. Authenticity first!

With this, I can ensure that can be accessed from any browser. Pale Moon? No problem. Netsurf? Great. Browsing from the TTY or just not a fan of CSS? I got you in mind: my site is designed to be viewed on browsers like w3m, lynx, links, and elinks.

However, to watch my animations, you will need at least Flash Player 8 or a browser that supports Ruffle. That means you need a machine with at least Windows 98 Second Edition. Well, some of the things I've done only require Flash Player 6, but I can't convert the others, and I can't leave Flash 8 because I really like it...

If something looks good on Internet Explorer 4, it looks good everywhere except Netscape. Despite the simplicity of my site, Netscape 4 barely supports CSS, so the site looks funny there. Opera 3.51 displays the site quite well. I've also tested Netscape 4.03 and Opera 3.5, but they don't display the PNGs. on w3m, GNU/Linux. on Internet Explorer 4, Windows 98. on Netscape 4, Windows XP.

In order to achieve ultimate backward compatibility, I realized that Internet Explorer 4 is much better than Netscape 4 (in terms of adopting standards) and won the first browser war by its own merits. Imagine the hypocrisy of being bothered by IE's monopoly and still using Windows! LOL!

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