What I'll share today is curious mostly only to myself.

When I search for "Cidoku" in various search engines I'm usually greeted with the following message:

Did you mean: Sudoku

Perhaps that's not so strange; the name I gave myself does look an awful lot like the number game's.
Certain people even used to call me out on it! That's what I get for being young at the time and trying to come up with a Japanese sounding name... Oh, to be innocent.

But what's really strange is what happened when I looked myself up on my search engine of choice, Startpage.
Aside from the usual links to my Youtube page and social media accounts of random Turkish people, I found, close to the bottom of the page, a small, obscure imageboard dedicated to Lain and Cyberpunk.

Here, have a link. Do you notice anything?

"how can we make this imageboard more active?" - Cidoku, posted 08/07/18 (Tue) 20:24:04.

Yup, it seems I was gone on a posting spree without realising it... Like, when I was asleep or something, probably.

When I found out about this I was confused at first, since as far as I'm aware I only lurk imageboards but don't post in them, but when I kept surfing I noticed that there were A LOT of posts made by Cidoku clones.

It wouldn't take a wise man to realise after a minute or so of lurking that the names are randomly picked from a list compiled by who-the-hell-knows, and that's amusing: I ignore whether "Cidoku" is a common word in schway circles or if one of the big guys in charge knows me. Clearly if the former is true, well, WHAT AN ASTOUNDING COINCIDENCE, but if the latter is the case, then this is a bigger mystery than previously thought, since I don't know any of the big guys in charge listed in the FAQ.

The other names are pretty standard Cyber, like Observer, Virtual Ghost, and even AzureDiamond, so who knows why they also picked mine? It will remain a mystery for the time being.

"I mean, everyone being connected to a worldwide computer network all the time every day makes it seem like we're undergoing a transhumanist revolution, but people just use it to perpetuate their meatspace selves and consume meatspace-oriented entertainment. Everyone has hardware lying around, but it's usually in a shiny sterile shell that keeps them safe from all those nasty electronics. Everyone knows that megacorps are monitoring their interactions, but it doesn't matter as long as they can use facebook. The level of acceptance of megacorps as friends is such that the name of a multinational company whose slogan is "don't be evil" is synonymous with finding information. It's like a jungle that noone sees because they have everything they need in their sleek chrome huts." - Cidoku, posted 09/22/18 (Sat) 09:54:42.