May 26, 2020BandcampRoll&Break
May 04, 2020ShirogamiShirogami's Maze
May 03, 2020I HATE IT
April 27, 2020Youtube videoViper - You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack (Half-Assed Remake and Vocaloid Cover)
March 26, 2020Youtube videoCirno proves that every Boolean ring is commutative
March 15, 2020Youtube videoI try to play Touhou with a MIDI keyboard (and fail completely)
January 28, 2020BandcampIntergalactic Romance

December 28, 2019Youtube video[Mega Drive/Genesis Cover] Taniuchi Hideki - Wish (Kaiji OST) (Download for Deflemask)
December 27, 2019Youtube videoLain's a creep
November 01, 2019My personal repository of links to stuff I like or find useful (I update this often)
September 07, 2019Youtube videoFoster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (Cidoku's Super Eurobeat in the Classroom Remix)
August 15, 2019Youtube videoOne More Time but Rick Astley is the one singing
June 22, 2019Blog post: Online austerity
May 31, 2019Blog post: Cidoku
May 01, 2019Youtube videoNight of the Young Eighteens
March 16, 2019Youtube videoJohann Sebastian Bach - Prelude in AE86 Major (Download)
February 14, 2019Youtube videoKavinsky - Nightcall (Cidoku's Tofu Delivery Drive Eurobeat Remix) (Download)
February 07, 2019Youtube videoInteresting Symphogear/Mother mashup game (from 2014) (Sprites)
January 01, 2019123 old tracks (Second Compilation)

November 18, 2018Yume Nikki's NASU minigame (SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive remake) and OST cover download
September 18, 2018Youtube videoNozomi
June 17, 2018Youtube videoIntergalactic Romance
June 10, 2018BandcampLooping Forever

March 28, 2017Youtube videoKemono Friends - Boku No Friend ("Boss is a Real Hero" Japariwave Remix)
January 07, 2017Youtube video[Mega Drive/Genesis] Diamond is Unbreakable OST - Another Face, Same Mind (Download for Deflemask)

December 06, 2016Youtube videoWe Are Number One but Daft Punk bit Robbie Rotten so it's a French house remix (Download)
August 26, 2016Youtube videoInitial D - Running in the 90's (Sega Genesis Drift Processing Cover) (Download)
August 21, 2016Youtube videoMetro Stardust Early Gameplay (Cancelled Earthbound fangame)
July 20, 2016Youtube videoPrecure D: Smile Stage
July 11, 2016BandcampCompilation
June 26, 2016Youtube video[Mega Drive/Genesis] Yume Nikki Sound Collection

November 27, 2015BandcampOnly in Retrospect
September 27, 2015BandcampOkay!
July 16, 2015Blog post: I'm making music again? (or an announcement for Okay!)
July 05, 2015Blog post: A blog entry
June 17, 2015Youtube videoEarthbound Engine Demo (Gamemaker Studio 1.4.x) (More info...)

November 03, 2014BandcampAlright
July 14, 2014BandcampWe Live Unlucky Lives / Mind and Heart

March 31, 2013 BandcampCidoku's Night Out
February 23, 2013BandcampJust For Fun