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Legend tells that this vast forest was once inhabited by families of magi and priests and that that's why you can find multiple abandoned sacred artifacts and buildings there. It is even said that in one of those there still lives a "powerful and fearsome witch," but she's yet to be found by any of the locals.

Eda River

The river flows from a mountain fifty kilometres north of Shinano and provides drinking water to the city, which it divides in two. Three bridges connect the two halves of Shinano, and one more is being considered for construction. Once a year, salmon native to the river make their run upstream, which is much celebrated by the locals.

The fields

Northern Shinano is a rural area. Farmers provide the city with grain and meat, but they have to fight hard to prevent the fruit of their labor from being destroyed by creatures that come out of the surrounding forests.

Woods of Remembrance

It is believed that at least half of the trees in this forest share roots, so you could say that they are really one big tree. The colony is ancestral, at least fifty thousand years old, so locals say that if you carve your name into a tree, you will never be forgotten. Visitors to the forest report that the night sky is exceptionally clear there and the Moon can be seen like nowhere else in the country.

Lake of the Fruits

A natural water reservoir that is home to a variety of native bird species. It is believed to be fed by the Eda River through underground tunnels. People who live nearby say it has a sweet smell, hence its name.

The outskirts

The areas closest to both forests are the least populated and therefore the quietest. Next to the Forest of Remembrance there's a dirt road that runs north to south and ends next to a small grocery shop near the sea. The marked area became the talk of the town when the locals heard that a local girl had fought with a utility pole and won.

The square

Shinano's celebrated cultural center has a library, a museum dedicated to the city's history, a theater and a clock tower, all of which are very busy. There are sometimes impromptu open-air markets selling local food and knick-knacks. In the center of the square there's a park with a pond and a monument to the founders of Shinano. It is advisable not to drink the water from the pond.

Residential areas

Shinano is home to between five and six thousand people scattered throughout the city, not counting tourists in hotels. Getting from west to east takes no more than an hour's walk, but there is also a tram system that connects several important points in the city. Some neighbourhoods are notable for their colourful buildings and winding stone paths in which it is easy to get lost, making them the subject of many legends.

Shopping district

Although there are shops all over Shinano, this district is home to the best, oldest and most popular ones. Visitors should not miss the many restaurants, liquor stores and pastry shops. You can also find clothing shops, watch shops, furniture shops, pharmacies, and the like.

The academy

The campus covers an entire block and is closely linked to the Shinano cultural center in the Square. The academy is composed of a high school and a university, so students can opt for continuing their education in the same institution. The most popular careers are related to the city's commercial and maritime activities. Students enjoy spreading rumours about whether this or that faculty building is haunted, and they even say that there's a department that deals with the occult.

The beach

The beaches of Shinano are home to an exotic species of crab that is a bright green color. As they are very shy and quickly hide in the sand if a person gets close, tourists love to chase them and try to take pictures of them. The waters are neither too cold nor too warm, and the beaches see activity all year round.

Shinano Sea

Near the mouth of the river is a pier that serves as the maritime center of the town and is, among other things, where sea travellers arrive from other areas of the country. Even the least superstitious fisherman will tell you that he has seen strange things coming out of the water on full moon nights.