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I want this site to be accessible everywhere. And in particular how could I have an old school website and not properly support browsers from the late 90s? :^) Because of that, I've spent a lot of time making sure that this site looks and works well (including the guestbook) on the following browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer 4+ (I explictly target this browser. If it works on IE4, then it will work everywhere except Netscape 4)
  2. Netscape Navigator 4.04+ (This has been very difficult as Netscape 4 barely supports CSS. Netscape 4.03 also works but PNGs are not rendered)
  3. Opera 3.51+ (Opera 3.5 also looks good but PNGs are not rendered)
  4. Netsurf 3.10+
  5. w3m 0.5+

By the way, in my journey of supreme backwards compatibility I realized that Internet Explorer 4 was always better than Netscape 4 and that it won the first browser war by its own merits. Imagine the hypocrisy in having complained about IE because of a monopoly and yet refusing to leave Windows, LOL!

Additionally, to watch my flashes, I recommend Flash Player 8 or later in the case Ruffle doesn't load for you. This means you need a machine with Windows 98 Second Edition or later. Well, some of the things I made require only Flash Player 6, but I can't back down now...

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