a A page dedicated to the letter a. Since 2014!
88x31 buttons A few buttons of the classic size that I made or edited to decorate the site.
cidoku's Earthbound Engine An Earthbound template for GameMaker Studio 1.4 and 2.3. The 1.4 version is in the public domain.
Doodles An unsorted gallery of my drawings. A great example of what happens when you only draw once a year.
The Empty Webring  
Ab Urbe Condita Get the current year of the Roman epoch.
Eternal 2020 A toy that tells you the current date.
Flower Room A proof of concept I made in Game Maker a long time ago. The plan was to remake the entire game for the web but the idea was abandoned since EasyRPG exists and I lost the project files. [Javascript and canvas support required]
The End New! From ReactOS' shutdown screen.
Ghosts A spectre haunts
Hidamari's Hidamari Sketch shrine.
KUYASHII Press the image in the middle to HATE IT. Based on Kaiji. [Javascript and HTML audio support required]
I love! A page dedicated to this site.
Koishi She's looking at you.
Anime and manga lists Because it's important to keep track of your consumption habits.
Michael How does it feel?
Microsoft Chat avatars Characters I made for the best IRC client in the universe.
NASU (SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive remake) A remake of NASU for the Mega Drive.
Church of Precure My shrine to my favorite series, Pretty Cure.
Hourly Precure card A viewer for the cards from the discontinued Precure mobile game with custom cards for most missing characters. Get a new card every hour.
Public file directory Browse files uploaded to this server.
Shirogami's Maze Shirogami's having a bad dream in which she's trapped in a terrible maze! Guide her through the level and lead her to freedom... Maybe then she'll wake up! Try to complete it in under two minutes. Made in Godot (source code). [Javascript and canvas support required]
Shirogami's Maze Pocket A new and improved edition of the maze for your Game Boy. The same rules apply, but in 8 bits. Try to get the good ending! (ROM - GB Studio project). [Javascript and canvas support required]
Witch Burning Simulator 2014 A pretty dumb mock-game about burning witches on spinning wheels. Based on Witch Craft Works. [CSS3 support required]
Yume Nikki Soundtrack (Sega Mega Drive arrangement) The complete Yume Nikki soundtrack playable on real Sega hardware.