a: A page dedicated to the letter a. Since 2014! cidoku's Earthbound Engine: An Earthbound template for GameMaker Studio 1.4 and 2.3. The 1.4 version is in the public domain.
Stars: A window into the world of Doodles: An unsorted gallery of my drawings. A great example of what happens when you draw once a year.
Eternal 2020: A toy that tells you the current date. Flashes: My growing collection of original Flash animations.
Flower Room: A proof of concept I made in Game Maker a long time ago. The plan was to remake the entire game for the web but the idea was abandoned since EasyRPG exists and I lost the project files. Ghosts: A spectre haunts
Hidamari:'s Hidamari Sketch shrine. KUYASHII: Press the image in the middle to HATE IT. Based on Kaiji.
I love!: A page dedicated to this site. Koishi: She's looking at you.
NASU (SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive remake): A remake of NASU for the Mega Drive. Church of Precure: My shrine to my favorite series, Pretty Cure.
Hourly Precure card: A viewer for the cards from the discontinued Precure mobile game with custom cards for most missing characters. Get a new card every hour. Public file directory: Browse files uploaded to this server.
Shirogami's Maze: Shirogami's having a bad dream in which she's trapped in a terrible maze! Guide her through the level and lead her to freedom... Maybe then she'll wake up! Try to complete it in under two minutes. Made in Godot (source code) . Witch Burning Simulator 2014: A pretty dumb mock-game about burning witches on spinning wheels. Based on Witch Craft Works.
Yume Nikki Soundtrack (Sega Mega Drive arrangement): The complete Yume Nikki soundtrack playable on real Sega hardware.. 88x31 buttons: A few buttons of the classic size that I made or edited to decorate the site.
Anime and manga lists: Because it's important to keep track of your consumption habits. Microsoft Chat avatars: A couple of avatars I made for the best IRC client in the universe.