Things that I worked on for more than just a few hours.

Shirogami's Maze †Guide Shirogami through a 2D maze. Made in Godot. (source code)
NASU (Sega Mega Drive remake) A remake of NASU to the Mega Drive.
Yume Nikki soundtrack (Sega Mega Drive arrangement) The entire YN soundtrack playable in real hardware.
Cidoku's Earthbound Engine for Gamemaker Studio 1.4.1763+ An old attempt to build an Earthbound template for Game Maker. In the public domain.


Small pages, applets or games made by me.

I HATE IT †You can press the image in the middle to HATE IT. Inspired by Kaiji.
Flower Room (Yume Nikki) †A proof of concept thing I made in Game Maker a long time ago. The plan was to remake the entire game for the web, but since EasyRPG exists and I lost the project files, the idea was abandoned.
Eternal 2020 †A toy that will tell you the current date.
a A page dedicated to the letter a. Since 2014!
Hidamari's Hidamari Sketch shrine.
I love! †A page dedicated to this site.
Witch Burning Simulator 2014 A pretty dumb mock-game about burning witches on spinning wheels. Inspired by Witch Craft Works.

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