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Notebook: Random musings about things that are important to me.
Stuff: The place for all the various subpages in this site.
Links: My personal repository of links to things I like or find useful.
Stars: Meet Shirogami, the mascot of, and the rest of the crew.
Flashes: My humble collection of original Flash animations.
Conman Records: All my music.
Guestbook: Where you can leave comments, greetings, and insults.
About: About the webmaster, what this site is about, how to contact me, and thank yous.

There are many questions when the end is near. What to expect, what will it be like... what should I look for? button Made on GNU/Linux Built with Vim No! Don't click here! I made my own website, you can too Precure NOW! Yume Nikki Puyo Puyo Ban time travel NOW! Get Flash Player Made in Chile
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