After decades avoiding it, I finally started making my own Flash animations! Check them out below. Why Flash?

(Coming soon...) (2024)

It's the first day of a new semester and Kuon is late.

Cereal Ordeal (2023/2024)

Kurogami wants her cereal and she wants it NOW!

Last of the Year (2022)

A loop to say goodbye to 2022.

Strange Waltz (2022)

Last night I had a dream about you.

Tyllop (2022)

Shirogami wanders around town enjoying the sunset.

Emiko de Mambo (2022)

A parody of the first ending of Mahoromatic.

Niwatori Awards (2021)

The Conman won a contest and wants to share the prize money with Shirogami, but she has something else in mind.

If you use a mainstream browser like Firefox (85.0 and later) or Chrome then my animations will load using the Ruffle emulator. If you use Pale Moon, Firefox (84.0.1 and earlier), or a legacy browser like Internet Explorer, then you will need Flash Player 7 or later; you may follow lolwut's guide on the topic to learn more.

I also host a small archive of Macromedia stuff, including a selection of standalone Flash projectors, authoring programs, extensions, and documentation.

All my flashes are dedicated to the public domain.