Hello! Thanks for passing by. I'm a passionate guy captivated by everything that's unusual and forgotten. I'm hopelessly in love with the past, always looking to bring the good things back.

I'm interested in religion, mythology, mathematics, logic, philosophy, nature, art and occultism. I enjoy designing characters that I animate every once in a while. My favorite anime and manga are Haibane Renmei, Galaxy Angel, the Monogatari series, Steins;Gate and Precure. I like shoujo stuff.

Some things I believe in: everything is connected; beauty is objective; creation brings us closer to the gods; the contemporary world hurts our souls; philosophical materialism is not correct; we must learn to live enchanted lives again; and there's no single way to the truth, but some ways are better than others.

The site has a very simple design based on HTML 4 and CSS 2. I don't use cookies and you'll only find scripts in interactive pages that are explicitly labelled as such. You can visit cidoku.net on your old computer without issues via HTTP (more about that).

The mascot of cidoku.net is the white-haired witch Shirogami.

The color palette I use is #000000 #6f0030 #ff2050 #eeeeee. All dates are in the YYYY-MM-DD format.


E-mail (PGP: 5C48 0848 D5CB 2A8D 910D ED23 9B0A B75C 4CF0 2A74).
XMPP: cidoku@cidoku.net (OMEMO: AD142024 2AEDA087 5A3597FB FECFAC75 4028B61E A38F86A3 5C6BA055 CB3EBB79)

I would appreciate it if you encrypted your messages with PGP or OMEMO, but don't forget to sign the guestbook first! Please feel free to send me whatever you want, be it greetings, questions, or pictures of your anime wife. You may also find me on Neocities and Newgrounds.


Elliemortem, thank you for hosting cidoku.net during 2021 and for managing my current e-mail accounts. Steen, thank you for kindly letting me use cid.hootr.club for so long before I switched back to cidoku.net. Third party software used are tinyib (MIT) and Ruffle (MIT).


Do you like what I do? Then all I ask of you is to send me a nice comment, or, if you have a site, link to me using my button! Don't hotlink, upload it to your server. You can then tell me about it so I can link back to you, if you want.

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