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07-07: Armoria, Aves de Chile,
06-13: Programming in C, comp.lang.c FAQ.
05-13: BMH Online
05-01: Flash Player Archives, Ancient Web Browsers, WappenWiki, Large Horse,
Wild Bread, RisohEditor
04-07: Draw Shield, ÖNGEZELL.COM
03-28: Primordial Dungeon
03-27: Lyrical Tokarev
03-20: mr pibbs website
03-12: capstasher, Manga fonts, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
02-29: iptv-org
02-28: Barra's Error Message Generator, Latin is Simple, Dither it!, PixivFE,
Hellenic Month Established Per Athens, Hellenion's Calendar, PolyVolcaWeb for
volca sample2, Skyscript, Astrolog, The Satyrs' Forest, Psychcool,
Mister Dizzy, Angel Eye Springs
01-06: Aztec Calendar


12-11: Ordinal Explorer Online, Draw Ordinals
12-07: Ecosophia, Minetest, SGDK, Sigilscribe
07-29: YumeWiki
07-22: Thricegreat, mp4's graphic resources,, Furnace
07-17: Lolibrary
05-08: Aeclectic Tarot, Yumebooru
04-18: SurLaLune, Fairyist, Fae Web
04-09: Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica
04-01: uldo and his space hut, Mysmiley, Baka-Updates Manga
02-28: Drawcia, Lobokoni, Ocassionally Content
02-19: Low-Tech Magazine, Wrongthink
02-12: BreezeWiki, Burzum, Pexels
02-02: Simple Web, Let's Decentralize
01-22: Ryo's Izakaya
01-03: Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator, Legacy Update


12-30: Oldcities
12-25: Joel David Hamkins, Set Theory and Foundations of Mathematics
12-11: YoYo Games Archive
12-09: Coenin
12-01: Anna's Archive
11-23: Umineko screenshot generator
10-31: Lolita History Gallery
10-16: Panel Attack
10-06: Watabou's Procgen Arcana, Why Wiccans Suck
10-01: Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
09-28: suboptimalism
09-25: my buttons world
09-23: Puyo Puyo Preservation Place, Suzuran Library, Precise Museum
09-18: shmuplations, Hard Drop
09-17: Nectarine
09-11: Cloverbell
09-10: Geeks, MOPs, and sociopaths in subculture evolution, LiterallyHifumi
09-09: Puyo Puyo VS, The Puyo Puyo Library, Hardcore Gaming 101's Puyo Puyo
09-08: Oldfriend Archive
09-05: Projet103's RGB Teahouse
09-02: MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
08-23: Rumic World
08-20: Braille ASCII Art
08-18: PlanetMath, Wolfram MathWorld
08-17: Hummer's list of drawing tutorials
08-07: Camp Explorer, Anilinks, Farside, Filmgrab, Hairfinder, SAM: Software
Automatic Mouth
08-05: pigmhall, Openclipart,, Finding Tomorrow
07-25: LaInvestigaciónYN, Greco Moran, saint-images
07-23: MilkyTracker, Large Numbers, Christopher Johnson's ASCII Art Collection,
ASCII World, How to create "modern" effects in oldskool tracker modules,
The Centre of Things, Gode Cooking
07-17: EasyRPG
07-15: The Useless Web, Worms Knowledge Base, Monkey Island Inflation,
SCUM Games, Bad Time Simulator, Ripper, Wayback Machine Downloader
07-03: The mythology of Ancient Egypt
06-16: Emerald Coast, Digital Hallucination, holeinmyheart
06-11: Music for Programming
05-16: ShadowM00n's Summit
05-09: VNanashi's Flash Collection
05-08: Mermeliz
04-21: Piracy Index, Oldschool 90s Sample CDs Archive, lolicore, LibriVox
04-07: Uruido
03-27: Plugins 4 Free, Sidetalkin
03-20: Audio Plugins for Free
03-19: Pre-Dead, Skipster's old Windows software list
03-01: The stinkymeat project
02-26: VGMusic
02-22: Animated Anime Gifs Paranoia, DagonBytes, Guardian's Egypt Main Gate
02-21: Index DOT HTML/CSS, History of the browser user-agent string, The
Copyfree Initiative, Rikaisama, HTML 4.01 Specification, Utilu IE Collection
02-20: RetroZilla
02-18: IE6 No More
02-13: How I Experience the Web Today
02-11: minamo-hamon, Koshi Andoh
02-10: StumblingOn
02-05: The Cheapskate's Guide to Computers and the Internet,, Nice
meme!, The Website Obesity Crisis, Why I will never have a girlfriend, 2bit,
NationStates, No-JavaScript fingerprinting
02-01: Web Design Museum
01-31: Library of Babel, 12ft Ladder, How Flash games shaped the video game
01-30: One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age, Marginalia Easy Read Wikipedia, Robin’s
HTML 4.0 Conformance Test, The web site of lydekkeri, Chicago95, How to
Continue Using Flash Player in the Web Browser, Moriya Shrine, Touhou Patch
Center, vgperson's Stuff, My Brush with the Unabomber, 90 FUN THINGS TO DO IN
AN ELEVATOR, Maribel Hearn's Touhou Portal, It Runs Doom!
01-27: /g/'s based sites
01-21: Web Bloat Score Calculator, TANE, Marginalia Search Engine
01-14: (Fixed most broken links and redirects)
01-12: Perpetual Calendar
01-11: The Best 404 Page Ever Redux, Dagobah Flash Gallery, swfchan
01-07: CoolArchive,


12-28: Jacob's Unnamed Blog
12-26: create.swf
12-25: OpenMPT, XMPlay, Open Music Theory, One Day You'll See Me Again, The
Tracker's Handbook
12-22: The Restart Page, The Errorflow, Complex Function Plotter, lw's
modradio, Flamerock's Flash Collection, DevGuru
12-18: Yume Nikki Online
12-05: DigDeeper, Koshka's Kingdom
12-04: Scribe
12-03: Vidlii
12-02: Introduction to Windows XP, Animate Archive, Multiplayer Yume Nikki
Fangame Nexus
10-15: The world of Kaoani, Internet Sacred Text Archive, VIP Games, Monogatari
Series Titlecard Generator, qntm, Jole, dreamwiki, Love ASCII Art,, Million Short, Virtual Vault, Interface Hall of Shame, Windows
Explorer Through The Years, GNOME has no thumbnails in the file picker,
Rediscovering the Small Web, floppy's lounge, Nathan's Toasty Technology page,
Words, NetSurf
10-10: The 88x31 GIF Collection
09-22: Madotsuki's Closet
09-19:, Doodad Pattern Generator
08-08: Museum of Obsolete Media
06-21: rnd's toki pona course
06-19: The proof is trivial!
06-15: The reckless, infinite scope of web browsers
06-14: Collapse OS  
06-11:, cyberthreats
06-08: theZoo, Banana for scale
06-07: Virii
06-04: wtfjs
06-02: Metamath
05-25: Res Obscura
05-24: The Racial Slur Database
05-22: Anime Girls Holding Programming Books
05-20: lolwut?
05-17: suckless
05-13: Forvo, ERAU Generators
05-12: Text to ASCII Art Generator
05-11: Numen,, Toki Pona Dictionary
05-10: PHI Latin Library, DeepL Translate, A.N. Lucas's 88x31 button
Collection, Web 1.0 Buttons, Button Maker, The 512KB Club, The 250KB Club, The
NoJS Club!, No CSS Club, GTMetrix, simple web is cute
05-08: Lexicity
05-06: latex2png, Anime Theme
05-05: yakuirave
05-04: Vanilla.js, The Cursed Computer Iceberg, Please be patient - This Page
is Under Construction!
04-21: Ab Urbe Condita
04-11: EICAR Test QR
04-10: Digipress Project
04-09: FreePats Project
04-08: Ardour, ccMixter, Musical Artifacts, SerenityOS
03-28: Hypotactic, Scorpio Martianus, polýMATHY, Luke Smith
03-25: Tauon Music Box
03-24: Spyware Watchdog
03-23: Undiscord,, Konachan
03-22: Terms of Service; Didn't Read
03-21: Alpha Café
03-18: Autotable
03-14: Pi Reciter, Divergence Meter Project
03-13: Teddit, The All-Embracing Library, Yume Nikki Fan Game Archive, Latin by
the Dowling Method
03-12: Nyanpass, /g/'s good sites
03-11: Delta Chat 
03-09: The Trove
02-26: Acid Machine 2
02-16: Freesound, End of the Internet
02-13: 1000mines
02-08: Lospec
01-29: Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, Mahjong Wiki
01-28: Learn to count, Wiby, Atom Smasher
01-24: Nitter
01-23: The Mod Archive
01-22: Gifcities
01-16: The Old Web
01-14: Vetusware, Internet Bumper Stickers, Old Windows Icons, Small, Kaomoji,
Occultopedia, Catbox, VX Underground, Malware Samples, Haibane fan pages,
Future Gadget Lab, ScaleyFoxy,, Googology