NASU (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive remake)

Posted 2018-11-18. Updated 2024-06-19.

This is a faithful remake of NASU, the minigame in Yume Nikki, for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. It was made as part of a complete Yume Nikki remake for the console, but there's still a lot of work left on that, so I can offer you this in the meantime.

The game is written in C using SGDK. You can download the source code (dedicated to the public domain) below. To compile it you can install Marsdev and run make on the directory where you extracted the archive.

I'd like to thank Stephane Dallongeville and all SGDK contributors for making projects like this possible, and to Grind for writing Marsdev and for teaching me about Sega development so many years ago.

Title screen In-game screen

The game running in blastem 0.6.3-pre.

Download ROM (bin)

Source code (SGDK 2.00)

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