Yume Nikki Soundtrack (Sega Mega Drive arrangement)

Posted 2018-11-18.

These are my humble recreations of Yume Nikki's timeless ambient loops for the Yamaha YM2612 chip. You can listen to the DMF-format modules and edit them as you please using Furnace (recommended) o DefleMask.

I tried to make the sounds as accurate as possible but the YM2612 has limitations and so does my skill at translating sounds to FM synthesis (it was my first time using Deflemask and tracker software in general), so there are tons of inaccuracies.

I took plenty of liberties in some tracks, most noticeably the Aztec Rave Monkey's theme; I couldn't figure it out so I just sampled it. All songs in the pack should play as-is on actual physical hardware (if I'm lucky).

Listen to it on Youtube or download the modules.

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