The Conman

Personal information
Other names (DJ) Conman
Crow guy
Age Beginning his third decade
Home Shinano
Species Crow (?)
Sex Male
Height 181cm
Professional information
Occupation Liar

The Conman is a crow-headed fellow. He likes to be called DJ Conman, even though he's no DJ.

He believes in what he calls the art of lying, that is, the power of lies to alter the world. But does that make him a good liar? It depends. When his lies are believed, the Conman sure knows how to reap the benefits. When they aren't, they just end up getting him in a lot of trouble with everyone. He doesn't lie to people he's close with.

He doesn't want anything but a happy, relaxed life, but his weird philosophy makes his luck very extreme, in both directions.

He used to sleep on a bench at the local park until he won a big prize (because of a con that went well) and bought a car with it. He still stays at the park if it's close by, but now he sleeps in the car.

One day, he saw Kurogami punch a utility pole and snap it in half. The scene was spectacular, and he's a big fan of her ever since. It is all, of course, one-sided. Kurogami doesn't like crow-headed freaks.

The Conman and Shirogami know each other, but they didn't meet too long ago, since Shirogami only started visiting Neo Shinanomachi recently. Although he looks like a crow, Shirogami is not very cautious around him.


The Conman is a tall guy that wears a Hawaiian shirt (usually pink and with flower patterns, but he can be seen in other colors), white pants, and brown/black dress shoes. His most notorious feature is obviously his crow head, which has black feathers and a dark gray beak. His black eyes are like dots. His crow head barely covers his neck, and from the neck below he has no avian features. He's fair-skinned.