Released 2021-11-02.

Title Length
Lying is Human 03:46
Talk to the Brand 04:00
Riders 04:51
Billion Rave 04:51
We're Intergalactic 03:12
Concon 05:51

This mini-album was made as my submission for the third edition of MusicVket, a yearly virtual music convention celebrated on VRChat, a virtual reality game. I made it in a rush in like two weeks and the tracks are somewhat raw because of that. Never again! All the tracks were made with a Korg Volca Sample 2, a Behringer TD-3, and a Korg Minilogue, except for Concon. Riders puts more emphasis on hard techno rhythms than melodies.

Lying is Human and We're Intergalatic were originally made for Intergalactic Romance. The rest, except for Concon, all started as drum loops on the Volca Sample that were recorded and arranged later. Riders was even played live online before I actually sat down and arranged the final track using the recording as reference. That version was over ten minutes long! Concon was made by recording a synth chord to a tape loop and playing a simple melody live over the loop.

I'll be honest with you, I don't think this is my best work. I made it right in the middle of very stressful finals and an awful creative block. But it did fine as a submission to MusicVket, with a couple people buying it even though my stand was in the back of the room and surrounded by way more relevant musicians.

The cover art features a drawing of Shirogami happily holding a cassette tape of the album. I think I might have spent more time on the drawing than on the actual music.

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