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A fix for Flash Player on Linux
A recent Nvidia drivers update broke Flash on Linux. Here's a possible fix. (useful, flash)
Attic calendar calculator
A command-line program that displays the current date of the ancient Attic (or Athenian) calendar. (useful)
Cassette repairs
I bought two cassette players, but I had to fix them. (blog)
cidoku's Earthbound Engine
A GameMaker Studio template for Earthbound-style games. (useful, game)
Harmful nostalgia
We need to bring the better parts of the past to the present, not stay trapped in the past. (opinion)
I hate cars so much it's unreal
Or how I can't take my dog for a walk in peace. (blog)
I'm not the only cidoku
That time I found out there was another one. (blog)
NASU (SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive remake)
Play Madotsuki's favorite game on your Sega console. (game, retro)
The occult way to copyright
A story about how to fight piracy with magic. (esoteric, story)
Planetary hours
I tell you about a peculiar way to give meaning to time. (esoteric, useful)
Remembering Formspring
I reminisce about my short time on a social network about questions and answers. (blog, web)
Remembering Game Maker
I reminisce about my experience with this game-making program. (blog)
Saturday night live
I played some of my music live online. (music, blog)
Windows XP feels like home
The way I use computers has changed so little in these two decades that I could use an OS from back then and life wouldn't be so different. Also an XP software guide. (blog, useful)
Why I love Precure
Or how a magical girl anime for eight year olds has made me very powerful. (anime, blog)
Why Flash?
Why you should keep Flash alive in the current year and and a guide on how to make your first animation. (opinion, flash, useful)
Web Inaccessibility Guide
A guide to pain-oriented web design for maximal user exclusion. (web)
Yume Nikki Soundtrack (Sega Mega Drive arrangement)
The full Yume Nikki soundtrack arranged to be played on actual Sega hardware. (music, retro)


A blog entry
An introduction to the notes section. in Spanish
Now a bilingual site.
I'm making music again? (or an announcement for Okay!)
I announce Okay!, my 2015 compilation. (music)
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