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A fix for Flash Player on Linux
A recent Nvidia drivers update broke Flash on Linux. Here's a possible fix. (useful, flash)
Cassette repairs
I bought two cassette players, but I had to fix them. (blog)
cidoku's Earthbound Engine
A GameMaker Studio template for Earthbound-style games. (useful, game)
Harmful nostalgia
We need to bring the better parts of the past to the present, not stay trapped in the past. (opinion)
Saturday night live
I played some of my music live online. (music, blog)
I hate cars so much it's unreal
Or how I can't take my dog for a walk in peace. (blog)
I'm not the only cidoku
That time I found out there was another one. (blog)
NASU (SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive remake)
Play Madotsuki's favorite game on your Sega console. (game, retro)
The occult way to copyright
A story about how to fight piracy with magic. (esoteric, story)
Online austerity
We depend too much on the internet, don't we? In dire need of a rewrite. (opinion, web)
Planetary hours
I tell you about a peculiar way to give meaning to time. (esoteric, useful)
Remembering Formspring
I reminisce about my short time on a social network about questions and answers. (blog, web)
Remembering Game Maker
I reminisce about my experience with this game-making program. (blog)
Windows XP feels like home
The way I use computers has changed so little in these two decades that I could use an OS from back then and life wouldn't be so different. Also an XP software guide. (blog, useful)
Why I love Precure
Or how a magical girl anime for eight year olds has made me very powerful. (anime, blog)
Why Flash?
Why you should keep Flash alive in the current year and and a guide on how to make your first animation. (opinion, flash, useful)
Yume Nikki Soundtrack (Sega Mega Drive arrangement)
The full Yume Nikki soundtrack arranged to be played on actual Sega hardware. (music, retro)


A blog entry
An introduction to the notes section. in Spanish
Now a bilingual site.
I'm making music again? (or an announcement for Okay!)
I announce Okay!, my 2015 compilation. (music)
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