We Live Unlucky Lives / Mind and Heart

Released 2015-07-11.

Title Length
We Live Unlucky Lives 05:07
Miracles Aren't Free! 05:04
Flight 14 06:07
A Much Smaller Place 04:23
There Will Be No Sound 03:47
Mind and Heart 06:11

In this one I keep taking a lot of inspiration from one of my favorite artists, The Field. With the exception of There Will Be No Sound, all tracks are sample loops over simple beats. Though of course I'm nowhere near as skilled as he is, I try to add my own spin to the formula.

I started working on this soon after Cidoku's Night Out. I wanted to make a more personal and emotional album titled Mind and Heart, and even got some beautiful cover art made by Kamil. However, as the idea grew it was obvious the project was too ambitious, so it was canned. I released the music of Mind and Heart in two parts in 2014 and 2015. The first part was the We Live Unlucky Lives EP in 2014, published before Alright. It featured the first two tracks and a remix of We Live Unlucky Lives by Gateway Lies that I'm not sure I'm allowed to distribute (though it can still be found on Youtube). The second part was the Mind and Heart EP (originally titled 4 Old Tracks), released in 2015 a bit before Okay!, featuring the remaining four tracks. A few years later I decided to merge both parts under a single release, keeping the album art of the former and the release date of the latter, so, in the end, the Mind and Heart album could be completed after all.

The cover art is a screenshot from Serial Experiments Lain. I chose it because the first track samples the present day clip from the opening.

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