The witch of the forest

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Personal information
Other names Shiro
Age Older than Kurogami
Home The monastery, Wanderland, Shinano
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 162cm
Relatives Kuon (distant cousin)
Mary (ancestor)
Professional information
Magic Learned
Style Wizardry
Reference sheet

Shirogami is the witch with white hair, a quiet and deceptively capable mage who quietly flutters through life at her own pace. As the main star of, she can be seen throughout the entire domain.

The sole heir of a secluded lineage of mages, she was raised and educated in magic by her grandfather, acting as both a father and mentor to her. When Shirogami was merely sixteen, she saw her old master depart from the realm of the living, but not without leaving her with a significant mastery of the divine arts. Shirogami wept at his sudden departure and found herself embarking on a long solitary journey through Wanderland, during which she encountered strange beings and other wanderers, learning more about her magic and the complexities of life. Her pilgrimage infused her with strength and courage, yet her isolation left her with little wisdom about the ways of the outside world. Thus, in the eyes of the common folk, she may seem somewhat clumsy and innocent, which she finds embarrassing.

The magical system she learned from her grandfather, adapted from rituals of various occult traditions and ancient grimoires of legendary and uncertain authorship, allows her to skillfully use different types of magic, provided she dedicates the appropriate number of nights to their study. However, the spell that brings her the most joy is the one that allows her to fly. With the help of her magical umbrella, purple in color and resistant to the passage of time, Shirogami can soar through the air, evoking the memory of a witch on her broom. Those who notice her bright hair illuminated by the stars in the sky on a dark night cannot help but think that they may have witnessed an omen.

Shirogami leads a simple life in an abandoned monastery in the heart of Wanderland, on the outskirts of Shinano. Kind-hearted, she enjoys peaceful places and solitary walks. She likes to roam the city at night when the lights are at their most beautiful. It only takes her about ten minutes to get there on her umbrella.

For some reason, crows adore her and often come to play with her. They probably mean no harm, something she would never believe if told. According to her, crows seem to know something she doesn't, always watchful and waiting for the right moment to carry out their mischief.

Those who don't know her might easily assume her to be mute, but it's silence and her subtle actions that speak for her. Who else but the gods themselves could make Shirogami utter a word? Only she knows when to do so.

Her true name is zealously guarded by her silence. She rejected the nickname "Shirogami" when she was called that for the first time, but over time, she embraced it and took it as her title. Now, those who know the legend of the witch with white hair repeat the epithet with care.


Shirogami has fair skin and purple eyes. Her white hair is voluminous and thick, sometimes soft and fluffy, other times sharp and cutting. Only the most attentive observers may notice a subtle tint of purple or magenta.

Her main attire consists of a black suit, white shirt, and red tie, accompanied by a long pleated skirt of a similar tone to her suit that reaches her knees. She prefers to cover her legs with dark stockings and her feet with red sneakers perfect for walking comfortably for many hours. She can often be seen wearing other outfits as well.


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