Personal information
Age A year older than Chernobyl
Home East residential area, Shinano
Species Human
Sex Male
Height 183cm
Partner Chernobyl (?)
Relatives Avigi (sister)
Professional information
Occupation Cook

Avast is a carefree guy who enjoys life. He is outgoing and very loud, and sticks his nose wherever he can. He has the very questionable hobby of flirting with every girl that interests him, although rarely does any of them take him up on it.

Avast lives fast, cannot concentrate, is unaware of his own faults, is emotional, and hates to be ignored. However, Avast is an excellent friend who would never let another down.

He lives with his younger sister Avigi, whom he calls his protégé and whom he tries to spoil. However, although she doesn't hate him, she's not particularly interested in his brotherly affections, much to his regret.

Avast is a cook by trade, but he bounces from job to job to support his lifestyle, household expenses and to keep Avigi happy. Everyone thinks he could have a steady job at some nice restaurant, but Avast is too fickle to stay in a single place for too long.

When Avast entered the academy, he got the bright idea to flirt with Chernobyl. Unexpectedly for him, Chernobyl thought he was funny, actually took a liking to him, and from then on he could never get her off his back again. Avast was uncomfortable with it at first, as Chernobyl has a strong temper and acts very playful with him, but he gradually got used to it. Now people see them as a couple, but Avast is still not too sure about it. Avast hasn't stopped being flirtatious, but Chernobyl keeps him in check.

Avast speaks in a very soft, slightly high-pitched voice. He tends to lengthen the end of his sentences when he is being playful.


Avast has fair skin, green eyes and orange hair slicked back. He dresses like a bartender, waiter, or chef: a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a black sleeveless vest, an orange tie, an apron, black pants and dress shoes. He is often seen wearing green aviator sunglasses.