Personal information
Other names Cherny
Born April 26th
Age A bit below twenty
Home Shopping district, Shinano
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 168cm
Partner Avast (?)
Others Love Letter (friend)
Professional information
Occupation Pastrymaker
Weapon Baseball bat

Chernobyl is a girl with a friendly, sincere and unpredictable personality. She expresses her thoughts ruthlessly, so she has many enemies who seek to shut her up and teach her a lesson.

She is athletic. Despite not being a baseball player, she always carries a bat on her person. She uses it to intimidate her rivals and defend herself from them. She can sometimes be seen talking to it and there are rumors that Chernobyl calls him Batista, although no one has ever heard it reply back.

She loves active and entertaining people and has no patience whatsoever for those who make her uncomfortable. When Chernobyl grows fond of someone, she may start "playfully" teasing and bullying them, bringing out her mild sadistic side that she manages to hide so well otherwise. Her current victim is Avast; once Avast flirted with her, Chernobyl found the guy funny and is now close to him to the point that they seem like boyfriend and girlfriend. Chernobyl doesn't mind them being seen that way.

Chernobyl was born with a disorder that makes her aggressive around her birthday. No doctor has been able to come up with a scientific explanation for the problem, but some believe it may be supernatural in origin. Chernobyl turned eight while visiting _______ with her family and her disorder triggered very strongly while on there. In a whirlwind of rage, she caused millions of dollars in property damage and gravely injured her sister. Her family decided to send her to live far away with her uncle after this incident. Since then, Chernobyl isolates herself during her birthday. Her illness has been decreasing in intensity lately, but she remains unpredictable, even to herself.

Chernobyl's uncle owns a popular bakery in Shinano and she works there part-time to pay him back for letting her stay with him. At first she wasn't very good at her job, but she learned quickly and is now yet another reason behind the store's popularity. She is forbidden from working the week of her birthday.


She wears long skirts and simple clothes that allow her to move around easily. Much of her exposed skin is covered in bandages. She has amber eyes and long, straight brown hair. Her right arm is tattooed with the word "Neo".


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