Love Letter

Personal information
Other names Love
Born May 5th
Age Not old enough to drink
Home West residential area, Shinano
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 154cm
Relatives Laffey (cousin)
Others Avigi (friend)
Chernobyl (friend)
Professional information
Occupation Artist

Love Letter is a quiet girl who falls in love easily, daydreams a lot, and enjoys creating things even though she is not very good at it. Letter is her surname.

Every morning, she wakes up lamenting that she has to go to school, but she spends happily her day there anyway, as she can freely pursue her hobbies there, plus it's an excuse to leave the house for a while. Love Letter doesn't enjoy staying home much because she has five younger siblings and who are very noisy and don't ever leave her alone, although she loves them all the same. Her family is not very wealthy.

Love Letter's hobbies are drawing and writing. She's not aware that she draws terribly, and that she ruins every canvas she touches. On the other hand, her stories are quite entertaining, according to the few people who have heard them. Love Letter is usually shy, but she is passionate, and always looks up at other illustrators and writers with sparkling eyes. Unfortunately, they don't appreciate her enthusiasm very much, find her annoying and nosy, and therefore ignore her.

She loves to visit the bakery where Chernobyl works because there is a quiet corner where she can draw and write in peace. She also enjoys Chernobyl's treats, and Chernobyl, curious to know Love Letter because she is always there doing her own thing, accompanies her during slow afternoons with no customers if Love Letter is by herself. They've become good friends.

Her best friend is Avigi and they often go visit the bakery together. They both enjoy listening to each other's stories. In fact, Love Letter is really into Avigi's detective tales, and although she knows they're fiction, she might just secretely believe a few of them!


Love Letter is a pretty girl. Her eyes are an intense red, she has red shoulder-length hair with a hime cut and a low ponytail that rests on front of her. She decorates her hair with two heart-shaped hairpins and a big headband, all pink. When she doesn't need to be formal, she lets her hair down. She wears a white turtleneck, gray dress, gray tights, and elegant black shoes.


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