Personal information
Other names Kuro
Age 18
Home East Outskirts, Shinano
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 154cm
Others Shirogami (rival)
Professional information
Occupation Brawler

Kurogami (black hair) is a lively girl who's always looking for a good fight. She can't use magic, but she packs a punch.

A year after her grandfather's death, Shirogami found a girl crying in a bush. It was Kurogami, who had wandered off and gotten lost. Shirogami had no way to look for her family, so she took her in and began to take care of her, happy to be able to be with another person. They became good friends and Kurogami, astonished by Shirogami's magic, started respectfully calling her big sister. A few months after their meeting, Kurogami woke up in a totally different place, and for many years she didn't see Shirogami again.

She learned to fight because she had to compensate for being unable to use magic like her friend during their short time together. And her will was so strong that one day she became able to break small rocks with her bare fists! She doesn't look very muscular at all, so where does all that strength come from?

She's usually energetic, talkative, and not reserved at all. It's not easy to make her angry, but when something does, she explodes in fiery rage giving no quarter. When she gets sad, she cries rivers. Her emotions are exceptionally strong.

Don't grab her pigtails, unless you're prepared to prostrate yourself and ask for forgiveness.

She likes to play tennis and enjoys watching professional wrestling matches, without being aware that the latter is all theatre. She imitates her favorite wrestlers' moves in her own fighting style.

Kurogami and Shirogami reunited and they were both very happy about it, but after seeing how powerful Shirogami's become with her magic, Kurogami sees her more like a rival now. It's one-sided. Kurogami still calls her her sister.

Kurogami is a nickname; Her real name is a secret known only by herself and Shirogami, who learned it when they were together. Since Shirogami doesn't talk, she never calls Kurogami by name, and Kurogami doesn't usually refer to herself.


She has black hair done in low twintails that curl upward, tied with a couple of red ribbons. Her eyes are green, and her skin fair. She's a bit shorter than Shirogami. She wears a dress shirt with puffy shoulders that features a big red ribbon under the neck. Her red plaid skirt reaches above her knees, but being active she of course wears black shorts underneath. Her black socks reach just above her ankles and she wears red sneakers, similar to Shirogami.


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