The witch of the forest

Personal information
Other names Shiro
Age 20?
Home The monastery, Wanderland, Shinano
Species Human
Sex Female
Height 162cm
Relatives Kuon (distant cousin)
Mary (ancestor)
Professional information
Magic Learned
Style Wizardry
Reference sheet

Shirogami (white hair) is a quiet yet capable magician who lives life at her own pace. She's the mascot of

Shirogami is an only child of an isolated family of wizards. She was taught magic by her grandfather, who raised her alone. He died when she was 16, leaving her on her own with a substantial mastery of the magical arts, although with much to learn about life by herself.

Her experience made her fairly mature for her age. However, she isn't very wise in the ways of the "outside world" so she can look clumsy, which is very embarrassing for her!

Because of her school of wizardry, she can do all sorts of magic with varying rates of success, as long as she studies it. The spell she's the best at and enjoys the most is flying. She can fly by riding her magical umbrella, much like a witch would use her broom. The umbrella can also be opened mid-air, allowing her to float in place or descend slowly.

Shirogami's magical umbrella belonged to her grandfather and was made before he was born. It's made out of a heavily resistant and waterproof material. The ubrella is purple. Shirogami never leaves home without it.

She's always been a quiet girl, so she doesn't say much. That's why people believe she's mute; in truth she chooses not to speak unless she deems it absolutely necessary.

She likes quiet places and going on walks alone. She can hunt and knows survival skills, so she'll prevail in a life or death situation.

She lives by herself at the abandoned monastery outside Shinano. It takes her about ten minutes to fly to the town by umbrella. She likes to go there in the evening, when the lights are prettiest.

Shirogami doesn't like crows because they look like they know something she doesn't, always watching. Crows do like her though, much to her chagrin. They try to play with her and pull pranks on her, but (almost) never with bad intentions, though she would, of course, never believe such a thing.

Shirogami is a nickname; it's not her real name. She didn't like being called that at first, but she's fine with it now.


Her white/silver hair is large and messy, with a purple tint, and a prominent, curly ahoge. Her eyes are purple, and her skin fair. She's thin and very flexible, so she can fit almost everywhere. Her main outfit features a black suit with a white shirt underneath and a red tie, a long pleated skirt of a slightly lighter tone that reaches past her knees, dark tights, and red sneakers. She's often seen wearing other clothes though, and they can be seen in the gallery below.


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